Vaad HaYeshivos Delegates Meet with 770 Hanhala

by reporter

Following their visit to the Yeshiva at 770, the delegation from Vaad HaYeshivos sat down for a meal with the yeshiva’s hanhala.

At the start of the meal, Reb Yoel Kahan shared a Dvar Torah. Reb Zalman Labkowski then spoke about the uniqueness of 770, the gift that is Tomchei Temimim and what it means to be neiros leha’ir.

As they sat together, one of the visiting delegates shared that when he and his colleagues travel to various Lubavitcher yeshivos, they are struck by the strong connection the bochurim feel to 770, and how they look forward to being there. Even as outside observers, it is clear to them that bochurim from all over consider 770 to be their source.

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