Board of Yeshivos Visits 770

By reporter

R-L: Temimim Pini Spiero (Haarlem, Holland) and Chaim Hertz (Edegem, Belgium) after being tested by a delegation of the Vaad HaYeshivos doing an inspection of the yeshiva at 770. The delegation was headed by Rav Leibel Wulliger, Rosh Kollel of Torah VoDaas in Flatbush. Others in the delegation included Rabbi Moshe Zev Weissberg and Rabbi Daniel Ginsberg. The board inspects to make sure that the learning is up to standards, and reports back to education officials.

They toured the premises and witnessed some of the goings on in yeshiva. They also met with Yeshiva administrators and staff, including the Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Schneur Zalman Labkowski mashpia Reb Shlomo Zarchi, Administrator Rabbi Moshe Meir Gluckowski, mashBak Rabbi Chaim Boruch Halberstam and others.

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