Vaad Hakohol: “Go Out of Your Home This Shabbos Afternoon”

In response to the pro-Hamas rally planned for Shabbos afternoon on Eastern Parkway, the Vaad Hakohol has issued a call to all shuls of Crown Heights to conduct regular Mincha services at the unified time of 5pm this Shabbos, followed by Tehillim.

In response to the reports of a pro-Hamas rally that is being planned for this Shabbos afternoon on Eastern Parkway for 3pm, the Vaad Hakohol of Crown Heights, led by Zaki Tamir, Yossi Hackner and Fishel Brownstein, has issued a call to all shuls of Crown Heights to conduct regular Mincha services at the unified time of 5pm this Shabbos, 13 Cheshvan, October 28. Mincha should be followed by Tehillim (Psalms 20, 22, 69, 122, & 150) for the safety of our brothers and sisters in Israel, especially those in uniform and those in captivity.

“It is important that all men go out of their homes to Mincha on Shabbos afternoon,” said Rabbi Eli Cohen, Executive Director of the Crown Heights. “Newspaper articles have been written in the last day or so implying that the Jewish Community of Crown Heights will be cowering in fear in our homes. That is not our response in such a situation.”

Chairman Zaki Tamir continued, “The New York Police Department has assured us that there is no plan by the marchers, and the police will not allow the march, to come close to the areas with a Jewish population. Shmira and Shomrim will be out in force watching for any threat. But it is essential that we send a message that we will not be intimidated. When every man between the ages of 20 and 60 is out on the street, it lets the world know, without needing rallies or marches, the that we are vigilant, confident and proud of our heritage and our community.

Rabbi Chanina Sperlin, VP of Government Relations for the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council has been in constant contact with City Hall and the Chiefs of NYPD to coordinate proper protection of the neighborhood and to ensure that community members can feel safe in their homes, in shul and in the streets.

We continue to encourage members of the Jewish Community to ovoid the area of Washington Avenue and Eastern Parkway, Grand Army Plaza, Park Slope and Barclay’s Center.

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