Uruguay Teens Wowed by Classic Yeshiva Learning

In honor of the Cteen weekend in NY, a group of young men from Uruguay came to Morristown with shliach Rabbi Mendel Shemtov for a “genuine Yeshiva experience.”

In honor of the Cteen weekend in NY, a group of inspired young men from Uruguay came to Morristown to top off their already amazing trip.

“There’s nothing like a genuine Yeshiva experience,” said Rabbi Mendel Shemtov of Montevideo, Uruguay, who brings groups to Morristown each year.

The students all were called to the Torah, made birchas hagomel, learned with chavrusas, had a shiur from Rabbi Yaakov Wagner, and heard the amazing OUT OF BODY story of teshuva from Baruch Rumman.

Leading up to this was a Shabbaton in yeshiva with Rabbi Ari Weindruk of Penn State University, and students from Rutgers U and other locations.

All in all, the students were surprised to find the great joy of traditional textual Torah study and its environment!

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