Uruguay and Montreal Teens Experience a Taste of Yeshiva

CTeen groups from Montevideo, Uruguay and Montréal, Canada traveled to Morristown, NJ, where they joined the ‘Taste of Yeshiva’ in Tiferes, concluding the CTeen Shabbaton weekend on a high.

This past weekend, CTeen of Montevideo, Uruguay with Rabbi Mendel Shemtov and CTeen of Montréal with Rabbi Tzemach Raskin took the opportunity to experience a Taste of Yeshiva in Morristown, NJ. In addition to joining thousands of CTeen participants in NYC at this year’s largest ever CTeen Shabbaton,  these chapters added a stop to do some extra Torah learning at Yeshiva Tiferes Bachurim.

The groups came for a few hours of chavrusa time in zal, shiur with Rabbi Yaakov Wagner, hearing some out of the ordinary stories of balei teshuva bochurim, playing ball, having some great food and Adar dancing.

A special talk from Rabbi Moshe Herson about his times with the Rebbe in the early years in 770 was another treat.  There was a visit to the nearby Morris Cultural Center where the Frierdiker Rebbe spent several weeks for health reasons. While there, one of several Sichos were reviewed that was originally said on that spot. The sicha spoke about the meaning of a “spiritual datche” (vacation) (Sicha summer of 1940 p.149), which was virtually what the visit was all about. 

Finally for a grand send-off with-a-blast they visited the nearby NJ National Guard. 

On the way out two students commented that they decided to resolve to start putting on Tefillin every day! 

To book a visit to the Yeshiva please contact Rabbi Boruch Hecht 973 668 3219


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