Urgent Tehillim Needed For Rabbi Yudi Dukes

Please say urgent Tehillim and do a mitvza for Rabbi Yudi Dukes who was re-intubated following a worsening in his condition.

The condition of Rabbi Yudi Dukes has taken a turn for the worse, the public is requested to please say tehillim for his recovery.

“Yudi is currently in very critical condition,” Mrs. Sarah Dukes wrote on her Facebook page. “He has been re-intubated and sedated and is currently in a procedure to stop very heavy internal bleeding.”

“Your heartfelt prayers have created a protective shield around him and he cannot be touched!!! Please strengthen them today and visualize them surrounding and infusing Yudi with healing light and energy.”

“And please. Please continue believing with me. NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Yudi is still very much alive and G-d can change things for the better in seconds with no extra energy or effort! And for those of you who expressed complete trust with me that Yudi WILL come home- now is the time to stand firm. We will not be shaken. Declare it with me.⁣”

⁣Please continue to say tehillim for Chaim Schneur Zalman Yehuda ben Hinda Yocheved.

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