Uplifting Shabbos at Mitteler Rebbe’s Ohel in Nizhyn

Dozens of Chassidim spent an uplifting Shabbos near the Ohel of the Mitteler Rebbe in Nizhyn, Ukraine, marking his birthday, yahrzeit, and day of liberation.

By Anash.org reporter

Dozens of Chassidim spent Shabbos by the Ohel of the Mitteler Rebbe in the town of Nizhyn, Ukraine, to mark his birthday, yahrzeit, and day of liberation.

After Shabbos concluded, Shluchim and Chassidim from the surrounding areas came to celebrate the Chag Hageula of Yud Kislev and daven at the Mitteler Rebbe’s Ohel. The farbrengen was led by Rabbi Mendel Foigel, head of the Maayan Yisrael Kollel in Yerushalayim.

Director of Hachnosas Orchim Rabbi Schneur Zalman Deitch, worked tirelessly to arrange all the needs of the guests, organizing food and warm sleeping quarters, while the temperature outside was well below zero.

In the past few months, a new complex has been built to accommodate the many guests visiting the tziyun. The complex also includes a spacious hall where shiurim and farbrengens take place.

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