Upcoming Book Collects Post Gimmel Tammuz Rebbe Stories

A upcoming book published by Derher collects personal stories of individuals who received tremendous brachos and answers from the Rebbe post Gimmel Tammuz.

“With each passing year, the Rebbe is more and more alive, more active, and even stronger in our midst.” – The Rebbe in the sicha of 15 Tammuz 5745

The Rebbe asserts that with each passing year, the Rebbe is more alive than ever before. And there’s no question in our minds that this is our reality. But how do we strengthen this notion and allow ourselves to really feel it? 

One way to really drive this message home is by hearing stories of people in our time who received tremendous brachos and answers from the Rebbe after visiting the Ohel or writing to the Rebbe.

For the first time ever, you can get a collection of such stories.

Introducing, The Rebbe Will Find a Way.

It takes you through the stories of issues, challenges, and questions that everyday people experience. And it shows how the Rebbe provided the clarity, the answers, and the brachos they needed, at the right time. 

This upcoming book is a must for every Chassidishe home. See how the Rebbe’s brachos manifest in our everyday lives, today more than ever. 

Truth is, the book is not even released yet, but Derher will give you early access.

PLUS when you buy it early, you get a handsome 15% discount. (Early bird discount expires soon!)

Just visit Derher.org/book to collect your copy.

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