Unusual Raffle to Boost Registration for Unity Torah

To build momentum and excitement for the new Unity Torah, a special raffle will be held after Lag Baomer for whoever registers 10 names in the Sefer Torah Haklali on a ksav yad kodesh of the Rebbe.

The “Sefer Torah Haklali” (or “Unity Torah”) was initiated in 5742 when the Rebbe announced that a General Sefer Torah would be written for all ages (not just limited to children). Throughout that year, the Rebbe consistently referenced the “Sefer Torah Haklali” during every farbrengen, urging chasidim to take action b’hishtadlus nafshis.

During the Lebanon war, the Rebbe said that this Sefer Torah would possess a special Segulah to protect the soldiers in combat, instilling fear in the enemy upon realizing that every soldier is united and protected by 304,805 letters through a single Sefer Torah.

This year, since the onset of the war this past Simchas Torah, countless soldiers in the IDF bought letters for protection, and in a record-breaking 3 months(!), all letters were sold out, and a full Sefer Torah was completed. The grand Hachnasas Sefer Torah ceremony was held this past Adar in the Gaza envelope region.

To maintain momentum and excitement, the Vaad Sefer Torah Haklali has announced a special raffle on a ksav yad kodesh of the Rebbe, to be held after Lag Baomer.

– To participate in the raffle, one must register at least 10 names in the Sefer Torah Haklali. Each set of 10 names submitted earns an additional raffle ticket.

– Furthermore, those who submit 100 names before Lag Baomer will receive a unique prize: a piece of the Mantel of the Sefer Torah Haklali, known to be a special protection and Segula (אג”ק אדמו”ר מהוריי”צ ח”ו).

The guidelines for purchasing letters in the “Sefer Torah Haklali” are as follows:

– Jews of all ages can purchase a letter in this Sefer Torah (kids and adults alike).

– The price is not fixed; any symbolic donation amount is accepted.

– Letters can be bought in memory of the deceased as well.

– Those who have purchased letters in a previous Sefer Torah Haklali are welcome to buy again in each new Sefer Torah Haklali.

You can now buy your own letter in the 11th Sefer Torah Haklali by visiting UnityLetter.com or by messaging 1-347-770-3737.

In the words of the Rebbe (Shabbat Tetzaveh 5743):

“Fortunate are they, and great is their merit, all who are involved in signing up Yidden to buy a letter in the Sefer Torah Haklali.

When we will soon go out to greet Moshiach Tzidkeinu with all the Sifrei Torah – those who are busy with writing the Sefer Torah will go at the head of all.”

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