Unlocking Your Talents

Watch: Do our talents play an extra curricular role in our lives? What is the care label on our individual strengths? Check out this engaging, animated episode created for learners of all levels! 

Have you unlocked your talent?

Are you a polished writer? Do you have creative juices flowing through your veins? Perhaps your care warms hearts, or your designing is a feast for the eyes. 

Do our talents play an extra curricular role in our lives? What is the care label on our individual strengths? 


Parshas Naso records the donations that the twelve Nesi’im contributed to the inauguration of the Mishkan. Their contributions included six wagon loads pulled by twelve oxen. Every two princes sponsored one wagon full. 

These shared gifts are puzzling. All of the Jewish people at that time were quite wealthy. They had amassed great riches during their departure from Egypt. In fact, at the time of the building of the Mishkan, all of the necessary funds and supplies were donated within two days. Couldn’t each prince afford to donate a full wagon without splitting the costs with another? 

In addition, the Talmud describes that their wagons held the boards for the walls of the Mishkan. The boards were stacked on top of each other during the transport. If each prince would have commissioned his own wagon, there would have been no reason to stack the boards. Why, then, did they use joint wagons?

The princes were imparting a message for generations. Each wagon had the capacity to transport multiple boards stacked up. If each prince would have brought an individual wagon, it would have wasted space. Only half of the wagon’s potential would be used. 

Nothing was created without a purpose. Each individual’s unique talents and skills are bestowed by Divine design and should be utilized to the fullest extent. There is a constructive purpose for our creative abilities. Fill up your chariot and leave no empty spaces. 

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