Unity Shabbos Breeds Camaraderie Among Young Shluchim

Last Shabbos, 950 young shluchim gathered around the globe for Shabbos Tzuzamen-Boys, leaving a lasting impression on the participants, the dedicated staff, and the hosting Shluchim.

As the counselors of MyShliach’s Shabbos Tzuzamen-Girls begin to embark on their journeys to micro Shabbaton locations around the world, the echoes of last weekend’s empowering experience for boys reverberate, leaving a lasting impression on the 950 participating Yaldei hashluchim, the dedicated staff, and the hosting Shluchim.

“The joy our kids experience, the chayus they get from being in the presence of such quality bochurim whom they can admire and having a Shabbos just for them with every detail organized meticulously, is something they live with a whole year,” shared Mrs. Chanie Nemes, host of the Boys Shabbos Tzuzamen in Metairie, Louisiana.

For Mrs. Nemes and other hosts like her, the support of dedicated counselors ensures the smooth execution of the Shabbaton, enabling them to host the event annually. “This was the third time we did this, and we literally look forward to it a whole year!” she emphasized, underscoring the event’s impact over time.

Reflecting on the significance of these unique simultaneous Shabbatons, Rabbi Ari Weingarten, host of the Boys Shabbos Tzuzamen in San Marcos, Texas, said, “The young shluchim dedicate themselves to serving others tirelessly. Providing them with a Shabbos tailored to their needs, emboldening a sense of belonging and enthusiasm for their role as young Shluchim, is truly invaluable.”

Last week’s Shabbos Tzuzamen for boys saw an impressive turnout of 950 participants across 68 locations. With 820 girls signed up for this week in 54 locations, the spirit of camaraderie is set to continue, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose among Yaldei Hashluchim worldwide.

Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director of Merkos 302, emphasized the event’s role in a young Shliach’s journey. “Young Shluchim are The Rebbe’s Special Forces. It’s so important for them to bond as a team, enabling them to stay inspired and joyous on their mission. The inspiration from Shabbos Tzuzamen will no doubt keep them going for a long while to come.”

As the Shabbos Tzuzamen for girls unfolds this week, it promises to be another memorable experience, uniting young Shluchos in a celebration of their unique contributions and shared mission. From Salem, Oregon, to Ningbo, China, and countless locations in between, the legacy of MyShliach’s Shabbos Tzuzamen continues to inspire and uplift, leaving an indelible mark on the next generation of leaders.

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