Unique Yeshivas Kayitz Opening to Outside Bochurim

A unique Yeshivas Kayitz for Mesivta bochurim which combines solid yeshiva learning with the opportunity to be counselors in the afternoon is now accepting a limited number of outside bochurim.

It is well known that the Rebbe wanted bochurim to remain in the yeshiva setting during the summer, learning and growing in avodas Hashem. The summer is also a time to influence others through shlichus and camp. Lastly, summer is a time to relax and recharge for the coming year.

But is it possible to have all those three in one?

Indeed, that’s what you will find at the Lubavitch Mesivta of Kingston PA. The bulk of the day consists of solid high-level learning, following the yeshiva schedule. During the afternoon, when Yeshivos Kayitz have activities, bochurim at the Kingston Mesivta serve as camp counselors in the local Cheder camp.

Besides the opportunity to infuse the children with a Yeshiva spirit, the experience is enjoyable and satisfying, giving the bochurim an opportunity to lead. Besides the activities and trips with the camp, the bochurim go on a special trip each week by themselves.

The learning is also unique, with bochurim learning interesting sugyos and mesechtos. This summer, they will be learning sugyos of tefillin and mezuzah l’iyuna, and mesechta Temura l’girsa. Special farbrengens and melava malkas are also arranged for the bochurim.

The program is generally reserved for bochurim attending the Mesivta. However, the Mesivta is accepting this year a small number of serious outside bochurim who want to benefit from the solid learning and special experience.

Space is limited. To register, email [email protected].

There is also limited spots available for Yeshiva next year. For more information or to register, reach out to [email protected] or call 570-212-9408.

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