Unique Program Seeks to Brings Matchmakers to Chabad Houses

A new program, geared specifically towards young adults attending Chabad Houses, seeks to apply the authentic shidduch approach to help them in their search for a match.

Matchmaking is back! Once upon a time in the shtetl, matches were created via matchmakers. The process was simple and the success rate high.

Yet today, the world is larger. Jewish men and women who frequent Chabad Houses across the globe are often seeking their other half. But who is connecting these individuals in various locations and from diverse backgrounds? That’s where you come in. 

Chabad Young Professionals (CYP) and Chabad on Campus, together, are officially recruiting matchmakers. The goal is to unite the thousands of young, Jewish singles who frequent their centers, via a new initiative: Met @Chabad. 

Origin Story

Many, many young Jewish men and women have “met at Chabad”. The lucky ones found their matches quickly and organically. Others are still trying. Their shluchim work hard to set them up, but are often at the mercy of limited resources.

All that’s about to change. Met @Chabad, launching this spring, will provide resources on both ends: to shluchim and to the singles in their communities. And today, Met @Chabad is setting in motion its first step: the recruitment of matchmakers.

The Recruitment Process

Here’s what you get: a ten-hour matchmaking training course, a team of like-minded matchmakers and some compensation. Met @Chabad is looking for people who understand Chabad House community members and what Chabad is trying to accomplish, shluchos and shluchim included. The goal is to create teams of professional and caring individuals who will bring the mitzvah of marriage to the forefront.

Interested? You can apply today. Our team will review your application and invite you to join the course.

If you’re creative and passionate and ready to roll, then we need you!

Future Goals

While many apps and services are available to Jewish singles, none follow both the Torah’s understanding of marriage while providing a holistic approach. Met @Chabad did extensive research to understand today’s singles scene and came up with a solution that’s more than just an app. It’s research-driven, educationally-based and provides participants with a uniquely extensive database and will launch later this year.

Some of the highlights include: frequent lectures and seminars made available to Jewish singles who join the database, bringing them closer to understanding the Jewish perspective of marriage. A newly-created algorithm, based on Jewish, family and personal values and developed out of Yale University. Coaching for shluchim and shluchos that will train community leaders through this stage, as well as provide them with wedding resources for when a match is made.

This unique, three-prong approach follows Chabad’s methodology, is well-researched and with the Rebbe’s Brochos will to be effective.

Today’s Task

What you can do today is help us out! Fill out this initial application form and you’re on your way to becoming a professional matchmaker. Together, we’ll connect more Jewish singles who “met at Chabad”! 

Met @Chabad is made possible thanks to Merkos 302 and the Meromim Foundation”.

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