Unique New Rebbe Videos for Vov Tishrei

Watch: In honor of Vov Tishrei, JEM released previously-unseen clips of the Rebbe leading davening as chazzan and distributing kos shel bracha following a Vov Tishrei farbrengen, among many other pictures and videos.

The sixth of Tishrei marks the Yahrzeit of the Rebbe’s mother, Rebbetzin Chana Schneerson. As it occurs right in the middle of the Ten Days of Repentance – between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur – and many photographers documented the holidays in 770, there are many beautiful moments captured of the Rebbe marking this day leading the prayers and Farbrengen gatherings.

The following selections are part of the recent launch of tishreiwiththerebbe.com. Functioning as a streamlined content hub, it’s a one-stop-shop for experiencing all recorded media from Tishrei with the Rebbe. Visit today to experience tens of Vov Tishrei events throughout the years. 

Daven with the Rebbe

Daven with the Rebbe as he leads the Shachris prayers on Vov Tishrei 5741. This video, taken by a JEM cameraman, features sharp quality, full color, front seat footage of the entire davening.



Kos Shel Bracha – Pirsum Rishon

JEM is excited to present this special 2 minute silent film in honor of this special day. The video was taken by Yechezkel Coleman from London as a bochur and provided by Sholom Ber Sudak. 

The Rebbe distributed Kos Shel Bracha on Vov Tishrei 5735, a unique event that happened only once! 

While it was believed there was never footage of this event, after reviewing the many videos, photos and audio for the tishreiwiththerebbe.com project, a JEM researcher realized something unique about this video: Chassidim wearing short jackets – as it was not a Motzai Yom Tov. It was known that this event happened, but no known footage existed. Once confirmed, it was a true Simcha in the JEM office that needed to be shared with the public. 



Newly Produced Farbrengen

Immerse yourself in a newly released Farbrengen from the sixth of Tishrei 5745 – 1984. With subtitles in English, Yiddish and Hebrew, the full Farbrengen is now available for viewing at JEM.tv with a JEMclub membership.

The new film, with a running time of just under three hours, is a perfect way to begin your new year. As the Rebbe emphasizes in one of his talks: All it takes during this unique period is a single moment of sincere return to God. A single thought of repentance can transform an entire life – and bring unity and peace to the entire world.

Learn more here.

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