ULY Students Try Their Hands at Matza Baking

Photos: Shalom Ross

First through fourth grade students at United Lubavitcher Yeshiva Crown Street hosted the Traveling Model Matzah Bakery with wheat stalks, brick oven, and millstones, all on location like an old-world Shmura Matzah bakery.

On Thursday, the first through fourth grade students at United Lubavitcher Yeshiva Crown Street hosted the Traveling Model Matzah Bakery. Wheat stalks, brick oven, and millstones, all arrived on location to set up a model version of a virtually real old-world Shmura Matzah bakery. The students made their matzah shmura style literally from “scratch”.

The boys first reviewed their knowledge of the Pesach story from the very beginning, how Yaakov and his children had to leave Eretz Yisroel because of a famine and travel to Egypt in search of food.  The boys acted out the story with volunteers performing as “Moshe” and “Pharaoh.”

Next was a visit to an imaginary farm where everyone learned how to thresh brittle stalks of naturally ripe wheat and winnow to chaff from the grain.

The children then collected the wheat grain into millstones and took turns grinding the wheat grain into whole fine flour and sifted it.

Moving on to the next station, the boys pumped out mayim shelanu from “Miriam’s Well,” and mixed and kneaded the flour and water into Matzah dough, (apple juice was mixed into the water so that the boys would not eat actual Matzah before Pesach).

Racing against the 18-minute clock, the children quickly rolled out the dough into round mini matzahs and riddled them full of holes.  With the help of the teachers, the Matzah was baked in a “brick” oven, (“unfortunately” the matzahs were not baked in time to be kosher for Pesach, so the boys were “forced” to eat their Matzah on the spot.)

While the Matzah baked, the students practiced drinking grape juice while reclining at a mini model seder where they all wished L’Chaim that “THIS year we should all enjoy the seder Yerushalayim!”

Avraham Pesach Spivak, one of the older ULY boys who helped with the bakery sessions said, “All the kids loved it. They had so much fun – and so did the teachers.”

“We are hoping that these young tmimim, the future shluchim of the Rebbe, will remember these experiences when they will be called upon to conduct these workshops and help generate excitement for Pesach and a renewed appreciation of Matzah Shmurah one day,” said Michoel Albukerk, director of the Traveling workshops programs.

Rabbi Yosef Simpson, Menahel of ULY Crown remarked about the interactive hands-on aspect of the program, “I wasn’t there the entire time but I noticed that the boys were very excited and inspired by the workshops.”

Assistant principal, Rabbi Yosef Aron observed that academically as well, “The boys really enjoyed it and gained tremendously.”

“Wow! Today’s Matza bakery was beyond amazing!!! Every aspect of the program was SUPER engaging and the kids had a most fun time while learning the process of making Matza from A to Z!” Rabbi Chaim Mayzlesh beamed, “The way the staff worked non-stop for so many hours while still keeping the same excitement and passion is simply incredible!”

Dedicated staff members, Yaakov Wilansky and Shmuel Yechezkel Erentroy were instrumental in making the Model Matzah Bakery program happen.

Connecting generations: The Traditional Crafts of the Jewish People workshops are the perfect opportunity to bring parents and children together for an authentic generation connecting Jewish experience.  For more information about the Traveling Matzah Bakery and other workshops, visit JewishChildren.com

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