Ukrainian Jewish Soldier Receives a Proper Levaya

Despite many challenges, a Jewish soldier in Ukraine named Daniel was buried with a minyan and kaddish through the efforts of Rabbi Yonasan Markovitch, shliach and Chief Rabbi of Kyiv.


A Jewish soldier, identified only as Daniel, died fighting for Ukraine during intense battles at the front. In a poignant display of respect for the soldiers’ Jewish heritage, the Ukrainian military ensured he received a proper Jewish burial according to halacha.

Upon learning of Daniel’s Jewish background, his commanders and officers from the Ukrainian General Staff contacted Rabbi Yonasan Markovitch, shliach and Chief Rabbi of Kyiv, to inform his family and arrange a halachically compliant levaya. Rabbi Markovitch worked with the military burial officer to secure a designated area within the general military cemetery in Kyiv for the ceremony.

Surrounded by a minyan from the Kyiv community, a proper levaya was held, and Kaddish was recited at Daniel’s fresh grave. Additionally, the Jewish community of the Beis Menachem Jewish Community Center in Kyiv has committed to reciting Kaddish daily for Daniel throughout the coming year.

Rabbi Markovitch remembered Daniel as “a true hero who was proud of his Judaism… He embodied the Jewish spirit, striving to observe Pesach with matzah and other religious items during the holidays and throughout the year.”

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