Ukraine Shliach to Inspire Crown Heights Women

Tonight: Join Junior N’shei of Crown Heights for an evening featuring Rabbi Levi Raices, shliach to Kharkov, who will share details of his harrowing escape from the danger zone and the life lessons he’s learned.

We all know how the Yidden left Miztrayim so quickly, they didn’t have time to bake their bread. Not too long ago, Lubavitch families were forced to leave Ukraine in such a rush, that they barely had time to pack their suitcases.

How do you decide what to take? What do you leave behind? Rabbi Levi Raices, shliach to Kharkov, Ukraine for over 20 years, had to make this decision in split minutes.

Tonight, the women of Crown Heights are welcome to come and hear first-hand the harrowing and dangerous journey the Raices family took.

This will take place tonight, Monday, 8 Iyar, May 9th, at 8:30 pm at 1354 Carroll St.

A delicious sushi bar will be served. Couvert $5.

This event is dedicated l’ilui nishmas Miriam bas Ephraim Zev.

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