Shluchim Ensure Elderly Are Not Alone Amid Lockdown

With triple the number of seniors now requiring help during this pandemic, Rabbi Yehuda and Dinie Pink of Solihull, UK, are working harder than ever to provide meals and assistance. Even the Queen has supported their work. Will you?

The quiet town of Solihull in the English Midlands is home to a high number of pensioners with over 21% of the population over the age of 65. In normal times the local shluchim, Rabbi Yehuda and Dinie Pink run award winning activities for senior citizens, including the Thursday Club which has provided support for the elderly for the past 15 years.

In fact, the excellence of the shluchim’s work with the vulnerable elderly was recognized by the Queen of England when she awarded them The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, the highest award that can be given to a charity. 

With no kosher stores, caterers or restaurants in the area, many were left struggling for kosher food when lockdown was imposed. When COVID-19 initially struck, the shluchim sprung into action cooking, packing and delivering nutritious fresh three-course meals to vulnerable people throughout the Midlands.

Over the past eight months the Pinks’ dedicated team of volunteers have clocked up a staggering 4960 miles delivering 2628 meals. It’s more than just a meal. In addition to the food, they have assisted with shopping and collecting medication and have maintained regular contact by telephone and video call with seniors to ensure that although they are at home they do not feel alone. 

Feeding triple the number of people than pre-pandemic has come at a cost. The shluchim have spent £20,000 upgrading our facilities to meet the increased demand and need to invest a further £17,000. Although many of the seniors are able to make a contribution to the cost of their meals, there is a significant number who can’t. The sum of £13,000 will enable them to continue supplying meals for the next few months, a total of £30,000. There is not a large pool of people living in Solihull who they can turn to for support.

Please partner with the shluchim today to help them ensure that the vulnerable elderly are home but not alone, by donating at

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