Tzfas Summer Program Concludes Another Successful Summer

135 bochurim just concluded the summer of a lifetime at Yeshivas Kayiz Tzeirei Hashluchim in Tzfas, filled with learning, chassidishkeit, professional sports leagues, and amazing trips.  

Nestled in the heart of an enchanting landscape, perched at the top of the Tzfas mountains, YK Tzeirei HaShluchim has become a transformative haven for mesivta bochurim worldwide. YKTH not only provides an atmosphere of friendship, fun, and top-of-the-line trips, it brings true Chassidishkeit and warmth to every bochur’s life – rejuvenating them for the coming Yeshiva year.  

Under the leadership of Rabbis Chaim and Zalman Kaplan of Yeshivas Beis Menachem Mendel and directed by Eli Rosenfeld, 135 bochurim came to Tzfas to enjoy the summer of a lifetime, filled with learning, chassidishkeit, professional sport leagues and trips.  

The learning program at YKTH is truly unlike any other. Instead of standard Gemara learning, bochurim got to take part in a fascinating curriculum developed by JLI specifically for YKTH called “aliba d’hilchasa”. At the beginning of each week, each class watched a short video of a contemporary story or case study. Throughout the course they would analyze the case through the lens of Gemara and Halacha, giving the bochurim a new appreciation of how interesting and relevant Gemara is.  

Other curriculums included: “l’orca u’lirochba” – which tells the story and background of each city in Eretz Yisroel which they visited; “Electives” – which gave each bochur the ability to choose from a variety of interesting courses to attend throughout the summer; and Seder Erev – which had a different speaker or event every night, making sure to keep learning interesting and exciting.  

One of the most exhilarating programs that encapsulate the vibrant spirit of YKTH is “Mivtza Jump”. Bochurim who participated would fill out a daily duch requiring them to take new hachlotos upon themselves, such as saying Krias Shema in a hat and jacket or davening with pirush hamilos, and be rewarded with incredible events, limited edition merch and many other prizes.  

Mivtza “Maamar for Shmuel” in memory of former YKTH talmid Shmuel a”h ben R’ Osher Karnowsky has become an exciting staple of YKTH. Over 80 bochurim learned a ma’amar of the Rebbe by heart each Shabbos and were treated to a thrilling horseback experience in the forested hillside near Tzfas. Mitzvah Torah was a huge success as well with many bochurim learning 2 extra perakim of Gemara during their breaks. They were rewarded with an adrenaline-filled paragliding trip off the cliffs of Netanya.  

YKTH isn’t confined to the classrooms or campus. In just six weeks YKTH explored the entire Eretz Yisroel, including Yerushalayim’s Old City, Eilat’s beautiful shores, Har Arbel’s cliffs and, of course, Tzfas itself. From davening at kevorim to rappelling in the Negev, these trips were the full package: educational, enriching and full of thrill. Walking through Chizkiyahu’s water tunnel or jeeping in the Golan Heights is something the bochurim won’t forget.  

The summer was capped off with a 4-day grand trip including Shabbos in the holy city of Chevron and a day in the breathtaking coastal city of Eilat. From walking in the footsteps of the Avos in Chevron to scuba diving in the Red Sea, these trips created lasting memories that will remain etched in the hearts of the bochurim.  

This summer, YKTH was thrilled to welcome back the incredible chef Shloimy Ezagui. Shloimy is known for working in big-name restaurants across Israel. His food was constantly praised by the bochurim over the course of the summer.  

The key to the summer’s success was the exemplary staff headed by Avremel Silberberg, Mendy Konikov, and Moshe Zalman Vorovitch who ensured that every bochur had an extraordinary experience and is returning to their respective Yeshivos energized and inspired for a successful year. The memories and experiences accumulated throughout the summer are sure to have a lasting impact.

Video Credits: Mordy Levilev – [email protected].

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