Tzfas Camp Comes Through in Arizona for 130 Bochurim

With covid restrictions still keeping the borders of Israel shut, Yeshivas Kayitz Tzeirei Hashluchim scrambled to create a camp for 130 bochurim in Prescott Pines of Arizona, where they enjoyed a special learning program, activities and trips.

Things were looking bleak. With covid restrictions in Israel clamping down just weeks before the summer, YKTH was left without a home.

Famous for its incredible Israel experience, they were left scrambling – challenged to recreate the magic elsewhere. A group of staff, led and inspired by Director Eli Rosenfeld and under the leadership of Chabad of Tzfas, stepped up to the plate.

A vigorous search across America landed them a cozy campground in the Prescott Pines of Arizona. Just weeks later the Pines were filled with the sounds of 130 bochurim playing, learning and farbrenging. Scrumptious meals were prepared by the outstanding Chef Shloimy Ezagui, treating the bochurim to a five star menu, unlike any other.

A revamped learning program, designed and directed by Mendel Banon, had everyone enthralled. A course created by JLI was used to help the bochurim truly understand the depth of the intricate logic involved in building each piece of gemara. In-class debates helped them formulate their own ideas, allowing them to properly appreciate the Gemaras conclusion.

An exciting Mivtza Torah program encouraged bochurim to review the Gemara they learnt by heart. An incredible private plane tour of Southern Utah was awarded to those that completed the program.

Competitive sports leagues complimented the learning. Daily activities exploring the beauty of the local national forest – it’s lakes and waterfalls, ensured that the Bochrim that don’t love sports had a really fun time during activities.

The Lubavitch Z’rich Program, formed by the devoted group of hard working counselors, helped each bochur treasure the value of Yidishkeit and Chasidus. Dazzling events and high quality Z’rich merch, helped motivate the bochurim to strive higher and higher in the Z’rich ranks.

Trips across Arizona and the greater West Coast highlighted the summer. Visits to National Landmarks such as the Grand Canyon, Red Rocks of Sedona, Zion and Bryce Canyon were just breathtaking. UTVing, axe throwing, jet skiing and paintball shooting were just a few of the exhilarating outings enjoyed. A midsummer Flagstaff Shabbaton and a 5 day grand trip ending in Nevada were real treats. A surprise visit from 8th Day infused the Yeshivas Kayitz with unbelievable energy.

The summer would truly not be possible without the dedication of an incredible group of staff, led by Yisroel Posner, Chezky Vogel and Binyomin Gurarie.

“A special thank you to Rabbi Zalman and Dov Levertov of Chabad of Phoenix and Eli Filler of Chabad of Prescott for all of their help and support,” directors said.

The Bochurim went home with memories and experiences that they are sure to hold dear for a lifetime!


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