Two Sisters Speak Up On the New ‘Alef All Over’ Podcast

The Rebbe spoke strongly time and again against learning secular subjects in school, but are we listening? Are you ready to hand in your child’s learning schedule confidently to the Rebbe?

Alef All Over is a new podcast for women and girls featuring weekly sicha summaries from the years תשנ”א-ב in 15 min or less, followed by a Daas Discussion where the points are discussed with a guest to bring the ideas to life.

In this week’s Sicha the Rebbe explains the meaning of נשא את ראש. It means to count but also to uplift. When one uplifts the head and adds in Torah learning then the entire person is uplifted. Everything he/she does is elevated and transformed into a holy experience.

This week’s Daas Discussion features two sisters farbrenging together on what the Rebbe cried for time and again- that yidishe children should only be learning holy subjects in school; a chinuch that’s al taharas hakodesh.

Tune in to gain clarity on this subject and follow Alef All Over on your podcast listening platform, to hear these episodes weekly.

Through us adding in our Torah learning may we merit to greet Moshiach today!

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