Two Crown Heights Yeshivas Plan Ukraine Trip

For the second year in a row, Boys from Lubavitcher Yeshiva and Ohr Menachem who excelled in Tanya Baal Peh will be rewarded with a trip to the Ohel of the Alter Rebbe and other special locations in Ukraine.

In the late hours of the night and early hours before school there are “lone” soldiers purifying the air..

Yes, we are referring to boys toiling on learning the Heilige letters of Tanya. A HUGE undertaking that many actually finish!

In the past, one base commander and one principal had a special way of rewarding their untold efforts.

It was the beginning of school year 5779 when R’ Yossi Teleshvski – Tzivos Hashem director at ULY Crown St. contacted R’ Menachem Mendel Yusewitz – Menahel of Cheder Ohr Menachem and suggested his vision…

“These boys should have the zechus to represent all Dor Hashvii boys who toil on the learning ‘Tanya Baal Peh’ before the Mechaber The Alter Rebbe in Haditch,” he said. “They will display the way Chassidim of Dor Hashvii are completing his Holy Avoda of bringing the Shchina L’matta!”

Subsequently, they will travel to “The Rebbe’s City” Dnepropetrovsk to absorb giluyim and farbreng with the Shliach and Chief Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzki and other shluchim.

The rest is history… the trip you can see for your self in the video below!

As Chof Daled Teves 5781 draws near, another group is gearing up for this amazing trip! If you come across a boy “Steiging away” with his tanya at hand, you’ll know what he is in for… AND you will know something quite special about this young man: he was not bogged-down by covid-19 – he grew from it!


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