Twelfth-Grade Girls Celebrate Siyum on Tanya

After six years of learning and hard work, the twelfth-grade girls of Beis Chaya Mushka celebrated what has become an annual event: a siyum on all 53 perakim of Tanya.

After 6 years of learning and hard work, the twelfth grade of Beis Chaya Mushka celebrated what is quickly becoming an annual event; a siyum on all 53 perakim of Tanya. Starting in seventh grade, the girls went through each perek, learning it in depth as well as seeing how it applies to their daily life. Right before graduating, the twelfth graders had the special opportunity to complete and celebrate their efforts.

Rabbi Plotkin, the dean of Beis Chaya Mushka, addressed the students at the Siyum, sharing with them the Sicha of the Rebbe that when Moshiach comes, students who have learned Tanya will have the role of teaching it to all those who have not learned it, including great scholars. 

”The ability to study all 53 perokim over the course of 6 years, consisting of close to five hundred lessons, is due to the decision by parents and students to attend a school where priority is given to Limudei Kodesh.” Rabbi Plotkin shared at the Siyum. ”There is sufficient time allocated for Tanya and all the other Kodesh subjects that they learn, thus being able to achieve this accomplishment.” 

The class put together a beautiful publication with summaries and lessons of all the Perokim in art or poetry form. Some of the students shared their reflections on finishing the sefer, and had the opportunity to hear the words of the Rebbe about the importance of Tanya. Gratitude was given to Mrs. Chaya Pape, Mrs. Zelda Weinberg, Mrs. Miriam Zalmanov and Mrs. Chaya Ceitlin, their Tanya teachers over the years, most of whom were in attendance. At the conclusion of the celebration, all the girls received certificates of completion. 

A student shared that ”Learning Tanya is not just a subject in school. Tanya deals with real-life questions and real-life answers.” As an explanation, she added ”I’ve had multiple occasions where I was able to answer questions from younger girls in camp, based on what I’ve learnt in Tanya. It’s very empowering to have the answers.” 

As one student reflected, ”There are so many lessons from Tanya that really impact me on a day-to-day basis. It’s just so practical and relevant.” The girls all left on a high, ready to continue using the lessons and practical applications that they have learnt over the past few years.

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