Tut Altz To Expand Reach In Upcoming Year

Moshiach products and programs designed for all ages and affiliations are set to hit the market this year.

With the recent release of its upcoming 5784 plans, Tut Altz – the department of Merkos 302 dedicated to crafting and promoting Moshiach educational programs, curricula and events – aims to reach every Jew regardless of their background or prior Geulah knowledge. A captivating lineup of specialized resources is designed to bring the concept of Moshiach into the daily lives of the Jewish people worldwide.

Download the Tut Altz Catalog here.

Get ready to delve into the Daily Boost Flipbook, a burst of daily inspiration that will provide timely and insightful Moshiach thoughts throughout the year. Explore the Moshiach 101 Basics Course and the Moshiach Mindset Textbook to build a strong foundation of knowledge on the fundamentals of incorporating Geulah concepts into one’s daily life.

Join the celebration through the Festival of the Future, a worldwide event where communities and families come together to celebrate a historic mission nearly complete.

Experience the transformation with the Pre-Experience Series, guiding Jewish women through various elements of daily life from a unique Moshiach perspective. Immerse yourself in thought-provoking discussions with the Women’s Moshiach Podcast, providing insight and understanding for the Geulah generation.

Captivate your children with the interactive Tut Altz Games. Nurture the growth of young students with the engaging Bais Rabbeinu Curriculum and Student Textbook designed to instill the spirit of Geulah in the last generation of Golus.

Include your whole family and incorporate the Moshiach Experience at the Shabbos table, complete with lessons, trivia, and engaging missions. Stay connected and informed with the new Weekly E-Newsletters.

Be on the lookout for the release of the Tut Altz music video, and mark your calendar for the grand event on 28 Nissan, a day that will captivate the entire Torah world!

The Moshiach Office at Merkos 302 launched Tut Altz three years ago with the aim of making the Rebbe’s pivotal call to “live with the Geulah” a tangible reality.

Explore the numerous sponsorship opportunities available to contribute toward these programs at tutaltz.com/donate. For more information, visit their website at tutaltz.com.

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