Tuesday: Webinar to Empower Parents in ‘Conversations with Children’

Last call to register for a brand new webinar designed to provide parents a Chassidishe hashkafa on life’s important but delicate topics, and to enable them to transmit these ideals to their children.

Ever been stumped by your child with a question you just don’t have the words to answer? Need the right lingo to explain important and delicate life concepts to your kids?

Much has been discussed recently on social media and within the community regarding having conversations with our children on the facts of life. As Chassidim, we know that the perspective of Chassidus colors and influences every aspect of our lives, especially in the areas of chinuch.

As a result, Mikvah.org will be holding an exciting three-part webinar to empower parents in this area. For the first time, Mikvah.org will present a paradigm shift in perspective as well as a how-to guide on having these important conversations with your children on the facts of life from the perspective of Chassidus.

Featuring respected educators who have extensively researched this topic with the guidance of rabbonim, the webinar will have two sessions for mothers and one for fathers and is available by paid registration only at mikvah.org/webinar.

The fathers’ session will be led by Rabbi Shlomo Sternberg and Rabbi Yosef Shagalow, PsyD LP, Clinical Psychologist. The mothers’ sessions will be led by Mrs. Rivky Boyarsky RN, Mrs. Sara Morozow, Mrs. Frumie Piekarski, and Mrs. Shifra Sharfstein.

There will be a recording available for a 72 hour period each week to allow paid participants to review a second time and to allow for all time zones to join in. Register today at mikvah.org/webinar. Please choose pickup as there is no need for shipping (nor pickup) – all information will be emailed to you.

Mikvah.org has been giving sponsorships on request for anyone who reached out and now plans to take it up a notch. You can gift a “Conversations with Children” for single-parent homes or families in need, or anyone you wish. Go to Mikvah.org/donate and specify the name of the recipient (email) or indicate that it is a general sponsorship.  Any amount is appreciated – a donation of $36 will be matched with Mikvah.org contributing $18, leaving the participant with a very nominal fee.

Register today at mikvah.org/webinar.

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