Tribute Sefer Will Honor Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm

The family of Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm will be publishing a sefer of divrei Torah and memories in honor of their father’s shloshim, and are asking his students, friends and acquaintances to take part.

A man known for his life immersed in the world of Torah, Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm raised generations. 

Over the years he has touched countless of people both in Yeshiva and later through his Smicha program as well as through his writing. It was obvious that he lived Torah. He inspired so many different people of all walks of life to become a little more connected, to commit themselves to another shiur, chavrusa and to be koveia itim latorah. As his students would recount, he genuinely cared that they should each be successful in all aspects of their life.

Always looking to bring more Torah learning to the public, Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm invested many hours writing and publishing various works. He was also well known for his weekly “Yesh L’itmoeiha”, a weekly publication of intriguing questions and answers on the parsha and varied Torah topics.

To continue his legacy, his family would like to publish a sefer in his memory. The sefer, which will contain divrei Torah as well as memories of Rabbi Wilhelm, will be printed in time for his shloshim on 4 Adar I.

The Wilhelm family requests that any of Rabbi Wilhelm’s students, friends and acquaintances, or anyone who benefited from his Torah scholarship and acts of chessed, to please send a Torah thought, or any memory of Rabbi Wilhelm to be printed in the book.

Memories can be submitted at or by email to [email protected].

A full archive of Rabbi Wilhelm’s publications can be found at

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