Tri-State Schools Gearing Up for Mega Chidon Trip

Students in schools across the Tri-States are eagerly awaiting the Mega Chidon Regional Trip, which will be taking place in the American Dream amusement and water parks.

By reporter

With the Chidon tests behind us, students across the globe are eagerly awaiting their Mega Chidon Regional Trips, which will be taking place over the next few weeks.

Throughout the entire year, Chidon Headquarters have been working overtime to find a way to make Chidon 5781 not just happen, but be exciting for every participant.

After months of planning and going through numerous options, Tzivos Hashem arranged that the chayolim who join Chidon 5781 will take part in a regional trip, joining the other Chidon participants in their school and nearby schools for a fun and memorable trip.

Each school will be going on their trip together with other schools in their area, with the USA, and indeed the entire globe, split into a number of regions to allow as many children as possible to enjoy the trip together.

In the Tri-State area, the regional trip is being spear headed by Rabbi Yossi Bryski of Oholei Torah who is has been working with the other schools and Chidon Headquarters to give the children an experience of a lifetime.

Together with Rabbi Chaim Zippel, Regional Trip Coordinator for Chidon Headquarters, Rabbi Bryski arranged that the Chidon will be taking place at the huge amusement and water parks located in the American Dream mall in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

On Sunday, the two visited the mall to work out the details of the trip. They met with mall management and discussed the logistics of renting the full water park as well as having the hundreds of children visit the amusement park.

The trips will be taking place over two days, on Tuesday 29 Iyar/May 11 for boys, and Wednesday, Rosh Chodesh Sivan/May 12th for the girls.

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