Tovshteyn Brothers Dedicate Torah in Memory of Parents

Brothers Eli and Chaim Tovshteyn dedicated a new Torah to Mayan Yisroel Shul in memory of their parents, Mordechai and Lina Tovshteyn, who passed away one year ago from Covid-19.

One year ago brothers Eli and Chaim Tovshteyn tragically lost both of their parents, beloved Father and unconditionally loving Mother, only one week apart from each other to the COVID pandemic.

Mordechai and Lina Tovshteyn fully dedicated themselves to their children and raised them to be proud Jews, even during Soviet antisemitic times when they were completely deprived from Torah.

This past Sunday, albeit a gloomy forecast, the sun radiated onto a crowd of nearly 400, reflecting the light and love that these two holy neshomos illuminated the world with. Eli and Chaim Tovshteyn, together with their families and a big crowd of friends and community members paraded a brand new sefer Torah from Eli’s home, where it was completed, to the Mayan Yisroel synagogue on Avenue N, in Marine Park area.

The parade and the hakofos at Mayan Yisroel were filled with sincere and heartfelt joy by every individual in attendance including the passerbyers and even by those that are not close to observance. Every single soul in the crowd felt the power and impact of the everlasting Etz Chaim.

Lina and Marik were exceptional partners, parents, grandparents, friends and community members. The Torah dedication in their honor exemplifies the legacy they left behind. Their love of G-d and love for all people will live on through this special Torah – a reminder to keep close to our hearts forever.

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