‘Tosfos in English’ Launches WhatsApp Community

In 5773, Rabbi Ephraim Piekarski started Tosfos in English to help anyone understand Tosfos. Now, Tosfos in English is launching a WhatsApp community.

In 5773, TosfosinEnglish.com was launched as a free service to help anyone understand Tosfos. What began as a humble website has blossomed into a vibrant community, with over 30,000 users who collectively delve into over 100,000 pages of Tosfos annually. Learners from every corner of the globe use this platform to enrich their understanding of Tosfos free of charge.

The translator and editor of Tosfos In English is Rabbi Ephraim Piekarski of Crown Heights who served as a principal of a Mesivta and the menahel and mashgiach of a prominent Lubavitch Yeshiva Gedola for close to thirty years.

Throughout this time, Rabbi Piekarski had the opportunity to observe literally thousands of students as they progressed through the pages of Gemara. For some the journey was exciting and rewarding, for others however there were many roadblocks on the way. It is not easy for many students to navigate the intricacies of Tosfos. This presented a difficulty for many aspiring and serious young men who wanted to participate in the ongoing and living discussion of the various sugyos in Shas.

All they needed was a little assistance to various degrees. For some it was necessary to explain an unknown Gemara cited by Tosfos, others need to be guided as to where the question of Tosfos ends and the answer begins, while there are those who need to be made aware of what is ‘bothering’ Tosfos (those ‘hidden’ questions which Tosfos anticipates). At TIE every attempt was made to address these issues, in order to make the Tosfos accessible to all.

In addition, TIE addresses the more complicated issues which arise during the course of studying תוספות. The more relevant comments of the classical commentaries of תוספות (including the מהרש”א ,מהר”ם ,מהרש”ל ,מהר”ם שי”ף etc.) are included either in the translation of the text proper or in the numerous footnotes that accompany the text. No effort was spared to illuminate the Tosfos with the explanations of the later and even current commentaries in order to provide a full spectrum and appreciation of the richness that learning Tosfos affords the serious student. It is our belief that many students, even those advanced enough to master a Tosfos on their own, will find some new insight while pursuing TIE.

Now, Tosfos in English is taking it one step further, leveraging the strength of community to deepen the learning experience. By creating an interactive space where learners can connect, ask questions, and share ha’oros, we’re cultivating an environment of collaboration to help with understanding Tosfos better.

Introducing our latest venture: a WhatsApp Community designed to facilitate interaction and foster learning in a dynamic, engaging format. The community is subdivided into individual Mesechtos, where learners can connect with others who are learning the same Tosfos.

To mark this exciting launch, we are giving away 10 sets of newly designed Tosfos in English Seforim (valued at $1000) to those who join the WhatsApp community.

To join click here.

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