Toronto Zal Reunites With Rabbi Wagner at Shabbaton

The bochurim of Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto reunited with their Rosh Yeshivah Rabbi Akiva Wagner at a Shabbaton in Buffalo, NY.

It’s been a full year now that Rabbi Akiva Wagner, rosh yeshiva of Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto, was unable to attend his yeshivah due to his health condition (may Hashem send him a speedy recovery), which forced him to take up temporary residence in NY.

Over the past few months with Hashem’s help, Rabbi Wagner experienced numerous miracles, thereby stabilizing his condition and allowing him to give daily (!) shiurim via Zoom to the older bochurim.

But this could not quench the desire of the bochurim to be with him in person and have him farbreng as he was wont to do at any given occasion.

This past Shabbos opportunity arose (we extend a heartfelt mazal tov to Rabbi Wagner on the Bris of his grandson!), and the Yeshivah traveled to Buffalo, NY, to be with Rabbi Wagner for an uplifting and memorable Shabbos. 

The schedule was neat: davening, farbrengen, davening, farbrengen, davening, farbrengen.

The shabbos ended with a heartwarming havdalah from Rabbi Wagner, and ecstatic dancing at his host, Rabbi Laizer Labkowski

Afterward, Rabbi Wagner surprised the bochurim by showing up to their melaveh malkah and sharing stories and short insights. Again the bochurim danced with Rabbi Wagner and departed with well wishes of reuniting again back in Yeshivah with a complete and speedy recovery.

Please continue to daven for Michoel Akiva Gershon Ben Rachel Basya

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  1. Rabbi Wagner is beyond an amazing person.
    May Rabbi Wagner a refua sheleima kroiva. May you have much naches from all your children.

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