Toronto Zal Hosts Powerful Outreach Dinner

Toronto Zal recently held its annual Mivtzoim dinner at the Yeshiva, furthering its unique and deep connection with the wider Jewish community of Toronto.

For the past 26 years, Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto has been extending its success far beyond its four walls, by illuminating the city of Toronto with its light. With the Bochurim building connections with more than 2,000 Jews, relationships have been established with their ballebatim, deepening their commitment to Yiddishkeit. Many have purchased their own pairs of Tefillin, taken on Shabbos and kashrus, and much more.

The program began with an hors d’oeuvre, and the guests were treated to a chill outdoor meet-up with their friends the “Friday Boys,” which lightened up the atmosphere for the event to come. The event was emceed by Rabbi Mendy Lieberman, and began with a powerful message regarding the importance of Hakhel and its application to the event. A warm welcome was then extended to Mr. Mike Ben Chaim, who set the uplifting tone of the event and put a smile on everyone’s faces with a few humorous words, while emphasizing the importance of Jewish pride.

A moment of tribute was shared as Menachem Wagner addressed the crowd with a few words regarding the life of the dear Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Akiva Wagner a”h, with whom many of the attendees have been closely affiliated with. The guest speaker, and honorable sponsor of the event, Mr. Hen Levin, brought to light the impact Mivtzoim has had on his personal life and those of his colleagues.

Closing remarks were shared by the Menahel Rabbi Leibel Ceitlin, who captivated the crowd with inspiring words regarding the value of each and every mitzvah and the importance of filling one’s home with holy articles, such as tefillin and mezuzos. As the upliftment peaked, the bochurim rose in spontaneous dancing, giving the guests a true feeling of life and joy in Yeshiva.

Many thanks are extended to the organizers, Ari Jerufi, Menachem Perl, Meir Avtzon, Sholom Brummel, and chef Rabbi Nachman Perl, for their hard work and dedication to once again uplift those who have benefitted from the Yeshiva’s outreach program. Many thanks are also extended to those who gave their time and made the event possible, notably Rabbi Leibel Ceitlin, Rabbi Shmulie Teitlebaum, Rabbi Mendy Lieberman, Menachem Wagner, and Shalom Carroll.


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