Toronto Yeshiva Publishes 550+ Page Sefer

Ahead of Yud Alef Nissan – 120 years, Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto published “Sefer Shai La’melech” brimming with many lengthy haoros and pilpulim as well as many unique additions.

Ahead of Yud Alef Nissan – 120 years, Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto is pleased to present “Sefer Shai La’melech”, a Sefer comprised of haoros and pilpulim written by the Hanhala and Temimim of the Yeshiva and Anash. Included are several Haoros written by Rabbanim of Toronto.

In this 550+ page Sefer, one can find many lengthy pilpulim, across a wide range of topics, beginning with the masechta currently learned in Yeshivos – Shabbos, as well as many topics in Chassidus, Toras Rabbeinu, and many more.

Printed in the back of the Sefer is a pirsum rishon of an English “michtav klali” dated 11 Nissan 5747, with handwritten edits from the Rebbe. 

As an addendum to the Sefer, “Kuntres Moshiach Ha’Achron” is published for the very first time. Written and compiled by Rabbi Aharon Kamman, a Mashpia in the Yeshiva, it is filled with innovative explanations and clarifications regarding the topic of Moshiach, specifically the Halachos in which the Rambam discusses the above topic.

The Sefer was compiled and edited by the Ma’areches, and credit is given to all the Bochurim and Hanhala which have assisted the production.

The Sefer can be viewed in PDF format below, or can be found in 770 and the Ohel on Yud Alef Nissan. It will also be shipped out to many Yeshivos and shuls.

For questions and comments you may reach out to the Ma’areches at: [email protected]

Click here to download.

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