Toronto Yeshiva Preparing for Fourth Summer at Star Lake

Registration is open for Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto’s camp on the picturesque grounds in the Adirondacks. The camp is ideal for Yeshiva Gedolah and Zal Bochrim who are looking for a learning-filled summer program alongside the beauty of nature

Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto is eagerly preparing for a fourth summer at the picturesque grounds on the shore of Star Lake in the Adirondacks.

The campus consists of 40 acres, beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces for learning and fun, and over 300 feet of shoreline on the beautiful clear waters of Star Lake known as “the hidden gem of the Adirondacks.”

Over the past few years, the sounds of learning, davening, and farbrengens echoed over the lake and mountains. The exceptional nature, the exciting recreational opportunities, and the beautiful accommodations enhanced the bochurim’s learning experience and helped them grow in Chassidishkeit and Avodas Hashem.

Bochurim who are looking for a learning-filled summer program alongside the beauty of nature, are welcome to join us for the summer at Star Lake.

The Hanhola and Talmidei Ha’Shluchim of YLT will run the Yeshivas Kayitz. This program is geared toward Yeshiva Gedolah and Zal Bochrim.

To apply, please click here.
Registration will close Rosh Chodesh Adar – Feb. 22, 2023

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