Toronto Yeshiva Enjoys Successful Summer in Star Lake, NY

Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto, led by Rosh Yeshivah Rabbi Akiva Wagner, recently concluded a successful summer program in the Adirondack Mountain region in New York, where the entire yeshiva, together with the hanhala, relocated to for the summer.

Completing its 27th summer overall, and its second in its newly purchased campsite, Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto’s Yeshivas Kayitz, directed by Rosh Yeshivah Rabbi Akiva Wagner, can be labeled a success both b’gashmius uv’ruchnius.

The Yeshivas Kayitz took place in Star Lake NY, located in the beautiful Adirondack mountain range. Close to 40 bochurim, as well as the shluchim, hanhala and their families enjoyed the 6 week program replete with regular sidrei hayeshiva, extracurricular shiurim, as well as sports and activities.

Among the special activities that took place was the printing of a Tanya, and weekly mivtzoim in many of the neighboring towns and cities. Many of the bochurim successfully accomplished personal goals in learning over the summer, all in addition to the regular sedorim and farbrengens.

The bochurim also arranged a special program to encourage coming on time to morning Chassidus, as well as learning ma’amarim by heart with special raffles for participants. The grand prize for the mivtza was a dollar received from the Rebbe’s holy hand, donated l’iluei nishmas Haddasah bas ylcht”a Shneur Zalman sheyichye Lebovic.

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