Toronto Yeshiva Completes Year-Long Mishmar Program

Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto concluded its Mishmar program which started in Cheshvan with a special memento for each participant and a group bowling trip.

Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto concluded its Mishmar program with a grand giveaway and trip.

Since its first week in Cheshvan, the Mishmar program has seen phenomenal success with extensive learning and many smiles. The boys who participated have learned a weekly sichah and taken upon themselves numerous Hachlatos over the year as a result.

Aside from the weekly rewards, the boys have been treated to monthly rewards for those with good participation. 

To end off the year with a bang, the boys were treated to a special bowling trip and received a beautiful Rebbe Picture as a memento from this incredible program.

This program is indebted to Roman and Suzy Goldstein for their incredible generosity and dedication to making this year’s Mishmar a success.

Many thanks are extended to the organizers for making this valuable program a reality.

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