Toronto Yeshiva Acquires New Summer Campus

Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto is eagerly preparing for a second summer on the picturesque grounds acquired last year. On the shore of Star Lake in the Adirondacks, the campus includes beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces for learning and fun.

Last year, Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto acquired a beautiful new grounds for their Yeshivas Kayitz. The property, consisting of 40 acres in the picturesque hamlet of Star Lake, includes over 300 feet of shoreline on the beautiful clear waters of Star Lake (known as “the hidden gem of the Adirondacks”).

For the first time, the sounds of learning, davening and farbrengens echoed over the lake and mountains. The exceptional nature, the exciting recreational opportunities bein hasedorim and the wonderful accommodations enhanced the bochurim’s learning experience, and helped them grow in chassidishkeit and avodas Hashem.

The Yeshiva is eagerly preparing for a second summer in the extraordinary new grounds. Last year they were full to capacity, at this point there are still limited spaces available for bochurim to join. To apply, please click here.

At this time they are also offering dedication opportunities for various parts of the campus. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to name the zal, dining room or a dorm room, in an exceptional establishment of Torah and avodas Hashem, after a loved one.

For information about dedication opportunities, please contact us by phone 315-367-4777 or by email [email protected]

Dedication Opportunities

Zal: The campus included a spacious zal, that can be divided into four separated rooms for Shiurim. The zal was filled with the sound of Torah learning from early in the morning until later at night. The zal can be dedicated for $54,000.

Dining room: The center of the campus is the very large dining room and kitchen. The dining room can be dedicated for $50,000.

Kitchen: The commercial kitchen can be dedicated for $40,000.

Dormitory: The dormitory, part of the main building consists of 12 bedrooms. The dorm rooms can be dedicated for $5,000 each, or, alternatively, the entire dorm can be dedicated for $45,000.

Cabins: There are 10 individual cabins, the cabins are all different sizes 2 large ones are used for more dormitory space for bochurim, the others are used for staff and their, families, Dedication of cabins range between $10,000 and $40,000.

Game room: The game room, an outlet for the bochurim for rainy days, can be dedicated for $15,000 dollars.

Atrium: The beautiful atrium, overlooking the lake, that is used for special events, can be dedicated for $20,000.

Boathouse: The boathouse is right by the lake, it has 2 floors, on the ground floor is a garage where the boats and lake equipment are stored, and the top floor is a large cabin/dorm, can be dedicated for $18,800.

Mikva: The Mikva is not yet built, it is still in the plans. It can be dedicated for $36,000.

Mezuzos: The mezuzos can be dedicated for $180 each.

The library is still being developed, and there is a great opportunity to contribute seforim in both nigleh and chassidus.

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