Toronto Lockdown Brings Positive Results

As Ontario goes into lockdown, the local Nshei are being forced to host their annual Taharas Hamishpacha review online – and they are taking full advantage of it.

By staff

Every year, Nshei Chabad of Toronto arranges a Taharas Hamishpacha review series, following the Rebbe’s instruction for regular review. Now, with the province of Ontario in lockdown, they moved it online and made it worth it: by hosting the best in the field and opening it to Nshei Chabad everywhere.

The 6-week zoom Taharas Hamishpacha review, taking place each Wednesday starting tonight, will feature top-notch Taharas Hamishpacha teachers. Names include Mrs. Rivky Boyarsky, Sara Morosow, Yehudis Schneerson, Ruthie Sperlin, Chaya Klein, and Rivky Slonim.

The first class, taking place tonight Wednesday Ches Teves, is dedicated L’ilui Nishmas Mrs. Miriam Labkowsky (Miriam Bas R’ Yehoshua A”H). With an original goal of trying to get 100 women to join, there are already close to 200 registered. It’s not too late, you can still RSVP by clicking here.

The Rebbe encouraged us to constantly review the Halachos of Taharas Hamishpacha, and emphasized that its performance brings an abundance of Brochos for oneself and one’s family.

“.. It is therefore proper to observe them scrupulously, especially since it is possible that with the passage of time some detail pertaining to its observance may have been forgotten. It would be beneficial to review these laws again in depth..” (Likkutei Sichos XXII, p. 299)

“.. No matter how good ones conduct may be in fulfilling these laws, there is always room to add on, and G-d is sure to add in His blessings for all ones needs..” (Likkutei Sichos XVI, p. 581)

May this class be a Zechus for the Neshama of Mrs. Labkowsky, and even more, bring her back with Moshiach immediately!

To RSVP for the first class with Mrs. Rivky Boyarsky, please click here.

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