Toronto Enjoys Pre-Pesach Celebration

When Ari & Karen Rosenzweig wanted to show their appreciation for their new community in Toronto, they decided to sponsor a concert with singer Benny Friedman for all to enjoy.

The Toronto Chabad community celebrated a pre Yud Aleph Nissan event on Sunday Tes Nissan at the Central Chabad of Ontario, 770 Chabad Gate.

The event started with an idea by one our new community members, Ari & Karen Rosenzweig, who wanted to show their appreciation for their new Chabad family by sponsoring a free Benny Friedman concert for the entire Shul.

In accordance to the Rabbeim’s dictum, that “when two Jews get together, a benefit should result for a third Jew”, it was decided that since all the costs of the concert were being sponsored, a small entrance fee would be charged and all the proceeds would go to the Chabad Ukraine relief fund.

Six hundred men, women and children filled the auditorium at 770. The sold out event began with the MC, Rabbi Moshe Spalter, inviting Benny to sing a few nigunim of the Rebbe (Anim Zmiros and VeHi SheOmdo), joined by the by the audience.

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, of Chabad @ Flamingo spoke words of hisorerus in preparation for Yud Aleph Nissan 120. Ari Rosenzweig then spoke a few words, with passion and humor, explaining the reason he joined Chabad’s shul and why he wanted to sponsor such an event.

He quoted the Moshol that the Rebbe once gave to a Bar Mitzvah boy, about the difference between an observer of professional sports and the players themselves. An observer, said the Rebbe, can leave the game if he loses interest. The player never leaves. He stays in the game, through thick or thin. “The same applies to me”, said Ari. “I used to come to Chabad for Simchas Torah or other exciting occasions. But it was time to become a ‘player’ and join for real.”

Ari then introduced Benny and the show began.

The dancing in the aisles began almost immediately and continued throughout the show.

Special thanks to all those who helped sponsor and organize the event. Sholom & Rochel Meyer, Idan & Leanne Cohen. Pasy Wolosow, Benzi Katan, Rabbis Yitzchok Grossbaum and Moshe Spalter.

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