Toronto Dedicates Tank Parade to Memory of Local Bochur

In Toronto, 14 Chabad houses are teaming up to give the Rebbe a special gift in honour of Yud Alef Nissan – the city’s largest ever Mitzvah Tank parade, dedicated in memory of Meir Likhovetski.

The 11th of Nissan this year marks 120 years since the Rebbe’s birth. It’s a day celebrated among Chassidim, and a time to reflect on the tremendous impact the Rebbe has had on world Jewry over the last century.

Each year, people would come from all over the world to present birthday gifts to the Rebbe. But there was one kind of gift the Rebbe said is most appreciated: increasing our commitments to Torah and Judaism. In Toronto, 14 Chabad houses are teaming up together to give the Rebbe a most fitting matanah.

On Beis Nissan, April 3, the Toronto Jewish community will be gifting the Rebbe with Toronto’s largest Mitzvah Tank parade, giving out matzah and spreading the light of Passover to the entire Greater Toronto Area. 

This year’s 11 Nissan parade is in tribute to the memory of Meir Likhovetski a”h

Meir lived every second of his life exemplifying what it means to be a true soldier in the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s army of “Lamplighters”- always uplifting those around him with the light of Torah and Mitzvos, goodness and kindness. 

Ever the cheerful soul, he was constantly finding new and exciting ways to entertain others, as well as playing a leadership role in numerous projects in the local Yeshiva (Talmudic school) and community. 
A leader, not a follower. A powerhouse, if ever there was one.

True to his name, Meir, which in Hebrew means, “A Source of Light”, nothing made Meir happier than spreading the light, joy, and beauty of Judaism by helping a fellow Jew do a Mitzvah. Be it the wrapping of Teffilin, lighting the Chanukah Menorah, or hearing the blasts of the Shofar, Meir’s passion for Judaism is something we can all learn from. 

The great sage Rabbi Akiva would often say, “Love your fellow as yourself.” This was Meir. His love for each Jew permeated every ounce of his being. 

Just a few short weeks ago, on the 4th of Adar, Meir a”h was in a tragic car accident, his precious soul was returned to his Maker. 

Our sages teach that the proper Jewish response to such unthinkable tragedies is to do more then just ask “Why?” We must ask, “What are we going to do about it?” “Which changes will this spark within us?” How are we going to use this tragic event as a vehicle to further add light to this dark world, to brighten our collective future. 

The sages explain further, saying “The living should take to heart.” We should all take a lesson from the deceased, and hold it close to our hearts by passionately and diligently internalizing some of the values and actions by which the deceased lived, and through that they still live on. Shining on. 

Please join in honoring Meir’s memory by taking on even one seemingly simple Mitzvah in his honor, especially in the Mitzvah of Ahavat Yisroel- Love for one’s fellow Jew, which was the core foundation by which Meir lived. 

Through this, Meir will continue to live on in not only our memories, but our actions.

The 14 Chabad Mosdos which are teaming up for the parade:

  • Beth Joseph Chabad 
  • Uptown Chabad
  • Chabad of Midtown 
  • Chabad of Downtown 
  • Chabad Flamingo
  • Chabad of Thornhill Woods 
  • Chabad of Woodbridge 
  • Cheder Chabad 
  • JYN 
  • Chabad Southern Ontario 
  • Chabad of Maple
  • Chabad of Markham 
  • JNY
  • Yeshivas and Mesivtas Lubavitch Toronto 

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