Toronto Community Concludes Adar With Joyous Concert

A Motzei Shabbos video of the Rebbe inspired a Toronto community member to sponsor a lively musical event for the community to join in unison and say ‘Thank You Hashem!’

The Toronto Chabad community celebrated a late Adar Hakhel Concert event on Sunday Chof Vov Adar at 5:00 at the Central Chabad of Ontario Mossad, 770 Chabad Gate.

The event is the second in a series started by one of the new community members, Ari and Karen Rosenzweig, who wanted to show their appreciation for their new Chabad family by sponsoring a close-to-free Joey Newcomb concert for the entire Shul.

Six hundred men, women and children filled the auditorium at 770. The sold-out event began with the MC, Rabbi Moshe Spalter, explaining the meaning of a “Hakhel Gathering” and why a concert should be considered such a gathering. Cheder Chabad principal, Rabbi Yisroel Bard-Wigdor then proceeded to call up twelve boys and girls to energetically lead the crowd in the Twelve Psukim. Ari Rosenzweig then spoke a few words, with passion and humor, explaining the reason he joined Chabad’s shul and why he wanted to sponsor such an event.

He related that only the Shabbos before he stayed at the grand Farbrengen, sponsored by the Antebi family in honor of the first Yartziet of Reb Dovid Antebi, which laster until Mincha. Because of that, he explained, he stayed for Minchah and then Maariv and got to see, for the first time, the weekly Rebbe video. In the video, JEM focused on the Rebbe’s reminding every to make a bracha achrona.

“My take on that,” said Ari, “is that one must always remember to “Thank Hashem” (playing on the world-famous Joey Newcomb song). “Even when things are going well, you have just finished a meal and you feel full and happy, you must remember to Thank Hashem”.

Ari then introduced Joey Newcomb and the show began.

The dancing in the aisles began almost immediately and continued throughout the show. Joey entertained the crowd with some of his favorites, Thank You Hashem, Noach was a Big Tzadik and more.

He moved seamlessly from genre to genre: Chabad favorites, wedding favorites, and many more, singing continuously for 90 minutes until Rabbi Spalter had to ask him to break for Mincha.

Special thanks were given to all those who helped sponsor and organize the event: Ari & Karen Rosenzweig, Avremel Bernstein, Pasy Wolosow, Benzi Katan, Rabbis Yitzchok Grossbaum and Moshe Spalter.

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