Toronto Cheders Join Together for Lag B’omer Parade

Shmuel Zahavy Cheder Chabad and Cheder Achei Tmimim of Toronto celebrated Lag B’Omer in grand style, with a rally, parade with a horse driven wagon, and a day of fun in the park.

On Thursday Shmuel Zahavy Cheder Chabad (Toronto) celebrated Lag B’Omer in grand style.

In the morning the entire Cheder gathered outside. They listened to a message from the Rebbe about Ahavas Yisroel and a kiddush Hashem. The boys sang Ani Maamin. They recited the 12 pesukim, with boys from each grade getting the zchus to lead. Then the parade began! The boys began marching through the streets of Toronto carrying Mitzvos banners aloft.

Shmuel Zahavy Cheder Chabad joined with Cheder Achei Tmimim that generously were mishtatef with a Mitzvah tank and sponsored a horse-drawn wagon.

The parade ended at York Hill Park, where the boys spent the afternoon. Preschool and grades 1 and 2 boys enjoyed a horse-drawn wagon ride. Everyone ate a delicious BBQ coupled with snacks and water bottles. The boys played baseball, tennis, soccer, used the playground, and more. At 2:30 the boys enjoyed fruity ices.

“The boys had a fantastic time B”H. A special thank you goes to Rabbi Serebryanski, Rabbi Rabiski, and Rabbi Korol, for organizing such a wonderful program,” organizers said. “It was a beautiful display of achdus, one that would give tremendous nachas ruach to the Rebbe.”

Thank you was also given to the following families for their generous co-sponsorships of the Lag B’omer celebrations:

The Antebi family.

The Bernstein family, in memory of Nosson Deitsch, and in appreciation of Rabbi Bard-Wigdor.

The Rothenberg family, with tremendous gratitude to der Oibersther, in the zechus of the healthy new addition in the family.

And a few anonymous families.


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