Toronto Bochurim Daven for Rosh Yeshiva’s Recovery

Zal and Mesivta bochurim of Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto came together to daven for their dear Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Akiva Wagner, followed by learning and dancing in anticipation of his complete and speedy recovery.

The Zal and Mesivta of Toronto came together to daven on behalf of their dear Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Akiva Wagner, who has been suffering from a serious disease for the last two years, demanding from Hashem to send him a complete and speedy recovery. Rabbi Wagner is now away from the Yeshiva to take care of his health.

At the gathering they had spontaneous dancing, in line with the Rebbe’s directive that you should celebrate already before the salvation, and that itself will hasten it. The mixed feelings that came along are beyond description.

After the joy was palpably felt by everyone in the room, they all sat down to learn a Sicha of the Rebbe in regards to the concept of Bitachon and “Think good, will be good!”.

To conclude the event, Rabbi Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin addressed the Yeshivah over zoom, telling stories of his trials and tribulations which ultimately concluded in revealed miracles, and inspiring the bochurim with the message that kept him going through tough times “Emunah Bitachon = Geulah”. He also shared a few words about the Rosh Yeshiva.

In addition, Rabbi Wagner joined the zoom to share some words of inspiration, and to thank the Bochurim for coming together and taking on the hachlotos that they all committed to, which were sent in through one of the Hanhala members, who went to daven and read a Pan Kloli for Rabbi Wagner at the Ohel.

The Yeshiva asks of everyone to say Tehillim (Kapitel 54) for R’ Akiva Gershon ben Rachel Basya, for a complete and speedy recovery, and may he be able to continue the tremendous work he has done for the last 25 years in raising generations of chassidim, shluchim, mashpi’im, and more.

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