Torah STEM Expo Brings Torah Concepts to Life

Students at the Sacramento Jewish Academy created interactive scientific exhibits to explain Torah ideas, such as sundial and davening times, 3D glasses and spiritual energy, electric circuit and Shabbos candles, and Avraham and Sara’s “magnetic pull.”

Sacramento Jewish Academy recently hosted a groundbreaking Torah and STEM Expo, offering a unique blend of Torah teachings and scientific exploration. The event, attended by students, faculty, and community members, featured a series of exhibits that highlighted the fascinating intersections between Torah and STEM.

Among the standout exhibits were:

  • Anaglyph 3D Glasses & The Divine Energy Sustaining Existence: Children used 3D glasses to visualize the divine words sustaining creation, which will become clear with the arrival of Moshiach.
  • The Journey of Avraham and Sara & The Magnetic Pull: Magnetic forces illustrated how Hashem’s guidance directed Avraham and Sara’s journey and continues to guide each Jew.
  • Ratios & Scaling & The Talmudic Ruling About Scattered Fruit: A scale demonstrated how the Gemara’s rulings on scattered fruit depend on quantity and area.
  • Dreams in the Torah & Stages of Sleep: A 3D model showed four dreams in Torah alongside the stages of sleep and allowed visitors to track their oxygen levels with a sleep sensor.
  • A Sundial and Times for Davening: The sundial exhibit visualized how the sun’s movement affects times for davening.
  • Kinetic Energy & Spiritual Forces Supporting the Universe: Kinetic energy was used to represent how Torah, tefila, and good deeds elevate the world.
  • Outer Space & The Responsibility of the Individual: A glow-in-the-dark universe model showed that despite our seeming insignificance, the cosmos was created for us to fulfill our mission.
  • An Electric Circuit & The Global Impact of Shabbos Candle Lighting: An electric circuit illuminated a globe, symbolizing how Shabbos candle lighting brings spiritual light to the world.

Through these STEM concepts, the Torah teachings came to life, providing students with a deeper and more tangible understanding of their faith. The innovative displays not only captivated the imagination of attendees but also demonstrated the practical applications of Torah principles in the modern world.

“We are immensely grateful for the dedication of our staff, who guided the students throughout this enriching experience, especially Rabbi Yoel Eidelman, who directed and oversaw the implementation of the entire expo,” said Rabbi Yossi Korik, Principal at Sacramento Jewish Academy. “Their efforts have enabled us to create an event that inspires curiosity and reverence in equal measure.”

The success of the Torah and STEM Expo at Sacramento Jewish Academy highlights the unity in Hashem’s creation, demonstrating how every aspect of the world helps us understand the Torah better and can be used to serve Hashem.

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