Torah Learning Doesn’t Pause for the Summer in Postville

Bochurim at Yeshivas Kayitz Postville are enjoying a summer of serious learning, with prizes to be won by students who complete various challenging mivtzahs.

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Learning Torah never ends, and for some bochurim, the summer months are an opportunity to throw themselves into their learning even more than before.

Over the past few years, bochurim in Yeshivas Kayitz Postville have continued to learn right through the summer, enjoying a full yeshiva schedule along with occasional trips and activities.

While learning, students are challenged to complete various mivtzahs, with questions to answer, games to win and tests to ace, all while keeping to a strict seder. Those who manage to succeed are awarded prizes of cash, Kosher store vouchers, and seforim.

In the Shailos Chazoroh mivtzah, two questions are announced at the end of each seder of chassidus, iyun and girsa. The bochurim are provided with special cards where they must write the answers that same day, with the goal being to fill in 35 out of 44 answers each week to receive the prize.

The Novi mivtzah includes a booklet with close to 300 questions on the Novi Shoftim for the bochurim to learn and complete on their own time throughout the summer.

For Mivtza Maharsh”a, bochurim receive a monetary reward for every 10 lines of the Maharsh”a that they can read and translate correctly at one time.

The bochurim are also challenged to follow a chazara system which details how many times each daf of gemara must be reviewed before proceeding to the next one.

Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Gavriel Levin remarked, “Boruch Hashem, it’s been over three weeks and the Bochurim are really enjoying the program. The mivtzahs add a special geshmak to the learning.”

The mivtzahs are co-sponsored לעילוי נשמת מרת חי׳ה ריסא ע״ה בת יבלח״ט הוו״ח ר׳ ברוך בענדיט שי׳

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