Top Jewish Talent to Inspire at Upcoming JLI Retreat

JLI’s National Jewish Retreat is set to take place this summer, featuring a star-studded lineup of presenters, with activities and entertainment to give their guests an experience of a lifetime.

JLI is planning their annual National Jewish Retreat this summer, August 10 – 15 at the luxurious Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Besides for the lavish accommodations, gourmet cuisine, and world-class service and entertainment, the guests will be treated to six days of total immersion in inspiring study.

Over 120 professional lecture, workshop, and study options on fascinating of Jewish topics will be presented by over 50 world-renowned Torah teachers and Jewish personalities.

Guests will also enjoy activities and entertainment, including a live concert with Shulem Lemmer, challah bake, candlelit havdalah and kumzitz, Jewish jewelry making, and hiking along the scenic Stone Mountain Park trails. A film entitled ‘The Rabbi Goes West’ will be shown, featuring Rabbi Chaim Bruk, shliach to Montana.

At the Spirituality and Wellness Summit, attendees will learn the latest research on the impact of spirituality on wellness and recovery, hear from practitioners who have successfully incorporated evidence-based spiritual practices into treatment plans, and listen to the inspiring stories of individuals who discovered spirituality on their journey to wellness.

Guests will have the opportunity to hear from the authors of various new inspirational books, such as ‘The Four Keys of Kabbalah’, by Rabbi Yisroel Rice and ‘Less Stress, More Joy’, by Rabbi Yossi Lerman and Mr. Scott Frank

All in all, guests will have a chance to escape the running wheel of daily routine and indulge their mind, body, and soul in an uplifting experience, while meeting like-minded new friends—people who enjoy stimulating Jewish study.

For a full rundown of the event highlights, please click here.

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