Tonight: Shidduch House to Host Event for Single Girls

The Crown Heights Shidduch House will be hosting an event for single girls who have been in shidduchim to share their views, frustrations, and suggestions, and to give their input to shadchanim.

Shidduchim seems to be what all the buzz is about these days. It’s not just a topic of discussion anymore or something that happens by the way. There is a mounting tension and anxiety related to this subject and everyone is well aware. This isn’t the business of just some well-meaning shadchanim anymore, shidduchim has taken on a force of its own and everyone is part of that energy. We need more men on board, we need all hands on deck and we need all able and willing individuals to get involved.

Tonight, Tuesday, June 21st, we will be hosting an event specifically for single girls who have been dating for a while. This will be an opportunity for them to come together as a group and share their views, frustrations, as well as suggestions as to how to change what hasn’t been working for them until now.  They will also be able to give their input and present ideas to a very dedicated group of shadchanim who genuinely care and want to help. What works for one doesn’t always work for the other and it’s important to be open to change.

Shadchanim are often blamed and criticized for various reasons. We understand the pain and disappointment that singles feel when things aren’t working out the way they hoped. Therefore, the Shidduch House is inviting you to come and share your experiences and brainstorm for ways to improve the interactions with Shadchanim and suggest new approaches or ideas to the shidduch process.  With your participation, we hope to walk away with some concrete ideas that we can implement to make positive changes.

The Shidduch House is a warm and welcoming space for Shadchanim to meet with singles, to network with each other and for parents to come and share about their children. The Shidduch House also hosts regular events pertaining to shidduchim, such as Meet the Shadchan and educational evenings for singles and parents. Everyone who has walked through our doors has had the same positive reaction. 

As expressed by one attendee of last week’s Meet the Shadchan event:

“Thank you to the Shidduch House for the awesome events you are making! To be honest, I was reluctant to come to your ‘Meet the Shadchan’ event last week but decided to give it a shot and I’m so glad I did!!!! I met with several wonderful ladies who volunteer their time to try and help everyone they can meet their match.

“I have to say, I had a much better experience with them than with any Shadchan I met (and paid!) in the past. They took the time to get to know me, asked the right questions without being intrusive and without judging… With genuine smiles and patience, they showed me that there are people who actually care and I left with a feeling that I started to forget existed… HOPE! So thank you to the Shidduch House and to everyone who volunteers for these new initiatives and for putting your heart into helping us.”

A very grateful “older single” 😉 

PS: Hopefully I can come back to you soon and share that this helped me find my match

For more information, to make an appointment to meet a shadchan and to see upcoming events please visit us at

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