Tonight: An Evening in Crown Heights Addressing Abuse

An event will be held tonight, Monday, in Crown Heights, to raise awareness on how to help survivors of abuse. Speaking will be Harav Yosef Braun, Dr. Akiva Pearlman and Rabbi Avremi Zippel.

On Monday, 13 Adar – February 14th, Neshamos will be hosting an event to raise awareness on how to help survivors of abuse.

The evening will commence with a talk by Crown Heights Rov Rabbi Yosef Braun who will present the Torah approach to the manner, as well as halachic guidance.

Following that, Dr. Akiva Pearlman will speak about the implications of abuse. He hopes to empower the audience with tools and knowledge to arm themselves in facing this matter.

Closing the evening will be Rabbi Avremi Zippel, Shliach to Salt Lake City, Utah, and a survivor of abuse. Zippel will share his vision for how we can create a dignified space for survivors.

Neshamos is moved to be hosting an event of this caliber, and we would be honored to witness your participation and care. It is our wholehearted belief that this evening can prompt waves of inspiration, awareness, and change for our community.

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