Tomorrow, Our Community Will Find Healing

Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights (BCCH) stands as a beacon of support, ensuring no family faces these challenges alone. Presently, BCCH is actively assisting 75 families.

“Your son has been in a car accident.”

“The results of your scan are concerning.”

“Your child will need three open heart surgeries before their third birthday.”

These are the words nobody ever wants to hear. With one sentence, you are plunged into a daunting world of doctor appointments, treatments and unfamiliar terminology. 

Navigating such circumstances becomes an overwhelming and terrifying task. For parents, juggling the needs of a family and a medical diagnosis is near-impossible. To add to the load, medical emergencies and chronic illnesses can often financially devastate even the most responsible families.

Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights (BCCH) stands as a beacon of support, ensuring no family faces these challenges alone. Presently, BCCH is actively assisting 75 families. In the past five days alone, the organization has exchanged 108 WhatsApp and text conversations, made 78 phone calls, and arranged 46 family dinners, including full Shabbos meals. Additionally, BCCH provides financial respite to ease the tremendous financial burden. 

The incredible efforts of BCCH are made possible by a dedicated group of volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure families receive the support they need. Each meal provided is a respite for parents burdened with countless responsibilities. Every phone call and text message reminds them they are not alone on this arduous journey—they are part of a compassionate community.

Tomorrow, on Sunday, May 14, 23 Iyar, Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights will host a breakfast auction to acknowledge their devoted volunteers and offer the community an opportunity to contribute to their vital work. 

Doors will open at 9:30 am, and the program will commence at 10:30 am. With an incredible array of prizes waiting to be won, and a powerful lineup of speakers, including Elisheva Van Halem, a dedicated volunteer; Shoshe Ben Abou, a generous supporter; Daniela Halevy, Chaya Recu and Shevy Blesosky, three BCCH families, this is a not to be missed event. The breakfast will be MCed by Yaffie Begun, who will share her personal story.

Every single day, BCCH remains committed to assisting families throughout the community. Each phone call, every meal provided, and every ride to the hospital is a testament to the transformative power of compassion and kindness. 

During this Hakhel year, join forces with BCCH because Hakhel is healing. Coming together as a community sends a powerful message to every family facing a medical challenge—they are not alone. They have an army of volunteers ready. BCCH is there to support them every step of the way. As a volunteer organization with a small budget, most of the funds raised will go directly to families to help ease the financial load of a medical crisis. 

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