Tomchei Tmimim Ocean Parkway’s Educational Extravaganza

Tomchei Tmimim Ocean Parkway fosters strong connections among parents, teachers, and students. Some of the ways parents engage include father and son learning, immersive book readings, artistic projects, musical activities, and division farbrengens.

At Tomchei Tmimim Ocean Parkway, we weave a tapestry of school-family engagement, fostering strong connections among parents, teachers, and students. Our commitment to active parental involvement not only enriches a child’s learning experience but also acquaints parents with our curriculum, extending the educational journey seamlessly into the home. Some of the ways parents can engage include Father and Son learning, immersive book readings, artistic projects, musical activities, and Division Farbrengens.

Preschool Crafting Memories: Parents’ Creative Participation Throughout the Year

At Tomchei Tmimim Preschool, parents actively participate in a variety of ways, including joining in book readings, engaging in art and music activities, and even taking part in baking sessions. Moreover, we provide exclusive chances throughout the year for parents to partake in special activities, providing them with the opportunity to craft meaningful projects specifically tailored for Chasidishe Yemei D’Pagra and Yomim Tovim celebrations. 

In addition, our preschool hosts an ‘Ach Gadol’ program, wherein older siblings from the elementary division are invited to participate in collaborative activities with their younger counterparts in the preschool. Together, they engage in Parsha projects, fostering a sense of togetherness and shared learning experiences among siblings.

Elementary Triumph: A Journey Through Chumash Bereishis

Kita Aleph recently reached a remarkable milestone, celebrating the sixth consecutive year with a Siyum on the entire first perek of Chumash Bereishis. What sets this event apart is the active involvement of fathers, forging a profound connection through the study of Torah.

The event’s objectives were multi-faceted, aiming to achieve a Siyum on Perek Aleph, foster a deep connection between fathers and sons through Limmud Hatorah, and commemorate the exciting commencement of learning Chumash for the first time.

Musical Prelude: The celebration began with the boys singing several songs learned in connection with Chumash, setting the tone for the joyous occasion.

Knowledge Display: The boys showcased their mastery of close to 100 millim on Chumash, reflecting their dedication to Torah study.

Hands-On Learning Experience: Fathers delved into the process of teaching and learning a new passuk of Chumash in Kita Aleph, providing insight into the classroom dynamics.

Interactive Learning with Fathers: Fathers engaged in one-on-one learning with their sons using Chumash worksheets, creating an interactive and educational experience.

Siyum Celebration: The highlight was the Siyum on the first perek, a momentous occasion marked by the boys and their fathers celebrating together. The joyous atmosphere continued with a collective singing of “sisu v’simchu.”

Creative Expression: Boys received placemats featuring boxes for each day of creation, engaging in a matching activity with various themed foods.

Educational Bingo: Fathers and sons enjoyed a game of bingo incorporating prefixes and Chumash words, adding a layer of fun to the celebration while reinforcing learning.

Personalized Chumash Covers: The event concluded with a creative touch as boys decorated covers for their Chumashim, ensuring a lasting reminder of the special connection forged with their fathers through Limmud Hatorah.

In summary, Kita Aleph’s Siyum on the first perek of Chumash Bereishis signifies not only a significant academic achievement but also underscores the strong bond between fathers and sons through a shared love of Torah study. The event encapsulates the spirit of joy, learning, and connection that defines the unique educational experience at Kita Aleph.

Grand Melava Malka Farbrenguens: A Night of Celebration

The Yeshiva organized two grand Melava Malka Farbrengens – one for the Young/Middle Division on 19 Kislev and another on 10 Shevat for the Older Division this past Motzei Shabbos. Fathers and sons gathered at the Yeshiva for a delightful and uplifting evening, including a full dinner, video of the Rebbe, learning a Sicha, reading Rebbeim stories, a student-made video presentation, and an interactive Kahoot Live game relevant to the Yama D’Pagra.

Continuing the Tradition in the Older Division

Lastly, in the Older Division of Tomchei Tmimim, scattered Sundays throughout the year are dedicated to Father and Son learning. These mornings involve Chassidus study, Davening, a lavish breakfast, and a special Shiur presented by one of the parents. Additionally, Rabbi Wagner, the Kita Ches Rebbi, hosts a weekly Shiur for fathers of his students, delving into the same Gemara taught to their sons. This tradition has flourished for the past six years, even continuing through Zoom sessions during COVID.

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