Thirteen Grades of Alumni Gather for Warm Reunion

Thirteen different grades of past student alumni from the Lubavitch Yeshiva of Queens gathered for a warm reunion and an inspiring Hakhel event.

On Sunday, 6 Tammuz, bochurim, yungelite, educators and Shluchim- all proud alumni of Tomchei Tmimim of Queens, gathered together for an inspirational Hakhel and Farbrengen.

As the alumni sat down to a fleishig meal, the warm atmosphere, reminiscent of their Mesivta years, seemed to have transported them back in time, as conversations struck up between the different classes, and timeless memories of Yeshiva, as well as personal experiences, were shared.

Rabbi Menachem Baruch, menahel gashmi of the Yeshiva, opened the evening by speaking of the importance of Hakhel and the impact this Yeshiva has in being Neiros Leho’ir.

Rabbi Mendel Scharf, menahel ruchni of the Yeshiva, spoke of how special it is to have a moisad where all the Talmidim of the Yeshiva feel like one big family.

“It’s amazing to see, how even after so many years after Talmidim have graduated, move on to other places or gone into different occupations, they still remain in touch with each other as well as with the hanhalla,” he said.

Over the course of the event, more alumni and hanhalla members spoke and shared stories and their feelings of the great impact this Yeshiva had on them.

To see a room, packed with alumni, going back to graduates from 13 years ago, filled with such tremendous achdus, sitting farbrenging together, in such a warm and loving environment, was really a sight to behold. A true testament to the powerful impact this Yeshiva has had on their talmidim’s lives.

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